5 top security updates you must make to your new property


As people who move customers in and out of homes on a regular basis, we understand how unnerving it is first arriving at your new home. Security should be at the front of your mind and it’s not a bad idea to make a few upgrades just to makes sure you feel as secure as possible. We’ve comprised a list of what we feel are the most important measures you should take.

Inspect the burglar alarm

Your satisfaction should be your number one concern, will this keep away burglars? You know that if your three year old could probably breach the system given half a chance then it’s a good idea to replace the alarm with something a little more substantial. Modern systems these days are quite often wireless and will provide you will an excellent level of home security.

Do the locks live up to standard?

Pretend you’re the one trying to break into your new home. If you could force your door in a direction that would then enable you to slip a credit card inside the catch then it sounds like your locks haven’t been upgraded since the rock and roll era. New locks aren’t a bad idea at all. Yale latch locks and mortice deadlocks will give burglars formidably frustrating barrier of ‘definitely no entry through here!’

Interior locks will only help you

If you’re worried about crime, maybe there have been some bad stories of theft in your area then you can always install security bolts on the interior doors of your house. These can be easily locked with spined keys. So if you’ve got possessions that need some extra protection, interior locks will prevent intruders from moving about through every room of your house.

In through the window?

It’s vital that you make sure the windows to your property are secure. Windows are vulnerable to attacks by from intruders so if you think the locks look dated, your windows might need some attention. New locks, fitting new security measures or even extra contacts as part of your alarm system will keep you secure.

Optimum security lighting – It might be worth investing with security lighting fitted with PIR detectors. These are a simple and affordable solution to helping you feel safe from any intruder, especially during the night!