Essential Advice for Moving House – Part 1

Moving house can be an incredibly stressful time. Of course here at this Manchester removals company, our job is to make it as stress free as possible. However there are certain things you can do yourself to help make your transition into a new home go smoothly.

Defrost your fridge/freezer

You’d be shocked at how many people leave this to the last minute, or forget to do it entirely. In our many years as a Manchester removals company we’ve seen it regularly. People forget that you can’t just pack up a freezer when it’s full of frost. It will leak water all over the rest of your possessions. We’ve also witnessed some horrendous scenes where people are frantically defrosting their freezer with a hair dryer on moving day. A great way to add to the stress of an already trying situation! To avoid all this hassle, do it ahead of time. Three or four days ahead is best.

Take meter readings

Make sure to take an accurate reading of your gas and electricity meters before you leave the home. If you don’t, you may end up paying for gas and electricity for the new owners of your home. Don’t just write the numbers down; take a photo on your mobile as proof. Of course in the majority of cases you’ll never need to produce this evidence, but if you ever do then you will be very glad to have it. You might also find that moving home is a great time to look for a new gas and electricity provider. Even if you’ve scrupulously compared prices before, your old gas and electricity provider may not be the cheapest in your new area, so go on a comparison website and take another look with your new postcode.

Collect up all of your spare keys

If you are like most people, you’ve probably got a few sets of keys for your home. These may be distributed among other people, like parents, siblings or boyfriends/girlfriends. You might even have a stray set in your desk drawer at work. Make sure to collect all of these keys so you can give them to the new owners/tenants. You should also check that no one has spare keys for the garden gate, the garage, the shed or any outbuildings.

Redirect your post

Post redirection is a free service offered by Royal Mail, and it can be a lifesaver for anyone who is moving house. They will automatically redirect your post for up to six weeks after you move house. That means everything that is sent to your old house with your name on it will be rerouted to your new place. While of course you should inform people of your new address as soon as possible, this redirection service means that you won’t lose your mail in the meantime.  It’s extremely easy to request this service. All you need to do is turn up to your local Post Office with proof of address and ID and ask for it.

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