Helpful Moving House Check-list 2013

Moving houses is normally tiresome and very challenging. Others would consider it stressful. There are lots of things to consider and crucial decisions to be made. In addition, many things must be accounted for, lots of effort must be exerted, and there is the accompanying total cost of the planned transfer. However, with proper planning and organization, things will go smoothly. It is of essence to make a checklist on several things and ideas which you might consider on your moving plan.

Tax and Benefit Office

  • Inform the Tax Office
  • Inform the Child Benefit Office
  • Inform the Working Families Tax Credit
  • Inform Pensions Office

Financial Aspect

  • Notify the Bank
  • Notify the Credit Card Companies
  • Notify Shop Charge Cards

Vehicle Concerns

  • Give Notice to DVLA about the transfer, inform them about the new address
  • Inform your car insurance company and any motoring organization

Legal Issues

  • If selling the old property, ask for a lawyer’s assistance so to guide you on the proper measures regarding your move and the selling of your property.
  • If renting, make sure to notify the landlord in advance according to the agreed tenancy laws.

House Alarm

  • Leave the codes and give proper instructions to the new owners of your old property
  • Ensure that you have the necessary codes for the new house

Post Office

  • Make sure to inform the post office for re-direction of any posts or packages addressed to you using the same old address
  • Leave your new address to the new tenant of your old house
  • Ensure that the old owners of your new house also left their forwarding address

Medical Concerns

  • Notify the old GP about the transfer
  • Locate a nearest GP on the new area
  • Notify the dentist in the old area while locate a new one in the new place
  • Take always with you the essential medications, do not include among the things to be packed and moved

Telephone and Television

  • Inform the telephone provider about the transfer and if possible, you may ask for the same telephone number for your new address
  • Affirm to the Television License Authority that you are moving and do not forget about your TV license upon transfer
  • Also notify the cable provider, if any

Children’s School

  • Before transferring, ensure that you already notify the old school of your kids and find the most suitable and nearest one on the new area

Finally, recall for important things which has long been hidden. Pack all the necessary things in a proper manner to avoid breakage and any damages. This whole process of packing and transferring surely demands more work, however, if planned carefully and done accordingly, everything will go well. It is certainly a huge task best left for the experts.

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