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Items Most Commonly Damaged While Moving: Part II

In our last post at Man and Van Simply removals Manchester, we discussed two types of items that are commonly damaged during moves, glassware and artwork. In this post, we’ll talk about items that aren’t always considered to be fragile, but which are frequently broken in transit and require extra care while packing and moving.


Furniture is often large, awkward to move and can’t be packed in boxes, making it a common victim while moving house.

The main thing to keep in mind with furniture removals is that you should always enlist the help of at least one other person if you don’t want to damage either the furniture or your own back. If you don’t have help, turn to professional movers for assistance with the heaviest and most awkward items. While movers can be expensive, no amount of money is worth saving at the cost of slipping a disk and ruining your back! Home removal teams will also wrap delicate furniture in heavy blankets to prevent knocking and scratching during the removals process.

Sporting equipment

Sporting equipment, such as golf clubs, tennis racquets and bicycles, aren’t usually thought of as fragile, but if you want it to hold up the next time it’s in use then you need to take extra precautions while moving house, especially if it’s expensive, customised or difficult to replace.

Most sporting equipment damage is caused by inadequate packing before removal. If you still have the original packaging for the equipment, that’s ideal, but if not you’ll want to ensure that all packaging fits snugly around the equipment and that it’s sufficiently padded with blankets, bubble wrap or packing paper as necessary for the type of equipment you own. If you still have the user manual, check whether the manufacturer lists any particular precautions that you need to take while moving.


There’s no comparison to the lush greenery of plants in making your new house a home, but plants are delicate and difficult to move, so take extra care while transporting your foliage. If your plants are especially large or require special treatment, consider hiring specialist plant movers to ensure your plants reach their destination in good health – man and van simply can recommend a specialist Manchester company for this.

Plan ahead by not watering your plants for a couple of days before the house removal. This will make them lighter to carry and easier to clean up if any dirt is accidentally spilled. You may want to consider moving your plants separately or taking them in your own car if there’s extra room. If they’re going in the removal van, use boxes or bags with air holes to gently encase them while they’re packed and prevent branches from getting broken.

If you’re making an international move, don’t forget to check whether there are any rules or restrictions for bringing plants into any countries you enter.

Finally, unpack your plants immediately upon reaching your new home!

Some final things to consider

  • Consider whether you really need to bring those items with you

Moving is an excellent opportunity to declutter by chucking out or donating any unwanted or unused items. Remember, if you’re not in love with that heavy wardrobe, you’re really going to wish you got rid of it before you’re hauling it up the stairs!

  • Take care of yourself!

Moving is a stressful time, and can be hard on your muscles, your back and your psyche. Make it as painless and stress-free as possible by getting plenty of sleep, taking frequent breaks and making sure you never carry more than your body can handle. Get assistance for heavy and awkward items.

At Man and Van Simply removals Manchester, we hope this list of commonly damaged items during moves has helped you prepare for your own upcoming move and take the precautions needed to keep your precious items intact. Check back soon for more helpful tips on moving!