Moving house in Manchester: how to keep it stress free

Moving house is undoubtedly very stressful; however, with adequate planning, you can be sure things will go smoothly on the day and avoid breaking down like most people.  Here are some tips you can work with.

Don’t do the hard work: Get a Manchester Man and Van

Apart from packing the moving boxes, one of the most time consuming aspects of moving is the process of disassembling furniture, curtains, carpets etc. and refitting it all when you arrive to your destination. If you are not sure you can do the work required, allow your removable company in Manchester to do the work for you.  The best removal companies will charge a reasonable fee to take the hard work off of your hands.

Embrace consultation

If you are working with a good removable, they should be able to send someone to your home to take a proper look at the items you are looking to move.  You will be offered a detailed consultation service that will eliminate all doubts concerning planning, organisation, de-cluttering and other aspects of the moving process. If your removal company doesn’t offer such a consultation by default, ask for it or look elsewhere.

Know what is covered by insurance

Before moving day, it is important to take a look at what is covered by insurance to see if there are any loopholes that could leave you in danger of paying exorbitant costs at any point during the move.  Going over the insurance contract carefully will help you see if you should get additional cover or go for a different category of insurance.

Keep valuables close by

If you keep your valuables with you on the moving day, you will be able to avoid the stress that comes with forcing yourself to look through a sea of boxes in an attempt to find your valuables when you get to your new place.  Some of the valuable items you should keep close to you include your driving license, passport, receipts, and other such documents. Don’t forget the new home keys.

Put together a survival kit

Things like a kettle, tea bags, toiletries, chargers and medication should be kept in a handy box that is properly labelled and readily available.  You don’t want to miss your medication because you haven’t unpacked all the boxes.

Make a list

A comprehensive inventory list will ensure that nothing goes missing and that everything is adequately accounted for on moving day. Keep this list safe and go over it as soon as you get to your new place.

Be ready for unexpected surprises

Regardless of how much you try, there is no ruling out the possibility of an unexpected occurrence.  Bad weather, heavy traffic, or a broken vehicle, are all examples of such occurrences. A good tip is to have a backup plan.  Pack extra food, have an emergency contact, and wear layers of clothing.  If you are fully prepared, the surprise won’t be quite as impactful!

With these tips, your home move in Manchester will more likely pass without any unpleasant events of note.