Top 6 Packing Tips For Moving House

Packing for a house move can be a nightmare.  You stand there, looking at the task of packing all your things, and feel overwhelmed. Here are some house moving tips to make packing easier.

The Preliminaries.

Before you pack a box and move a single item you need to think carefully about what is important. To reduce stress, you should first declutter before you pack. This approach will help you decide to move only those possessions you really wish to keep.  (And who would want to pay to move items you don’t want or no longer need?)

Starting Out.

When it comes to packing your items and moving house, start with the non-essentials, the little things that you may not have used for quite some time. If you know you haven’t picked it up, put it in a box. Chicago Movers adds “Once you get these non-essential items out of the way, you can begin to move on and pack the things you use more often. With this method, you are automatically classifying your items by value and ‘compartmentalising’ them into manageable categories for easy packing.”

Use Labels.

Staying organised when packing for a move is an important part of the process. Once you begin boxing up your items, label the boxes so that your categories are clearly seen.  Additionally, you can colour code your boxes to add a fun artistic flare to the job.  You may wish to use basic titles, such as Kitchen Hardware, Essential Glass items – Breakable, etc. This way you are always aware of what’s in the box!

NOTE: For your first night in your new home, you may wish to pack a special box that contains some basics—a few plates, mugs for coffee, etc.  This is a practical way to help you on your first big night, when the unpacking is still yet to be done. It will also help you feel more at home in your new place!

Identify Valuables.

It is important to take good quality photos of your important items, especially the breakables, before you pack them. This way you have a visual record of these items should they become broken in the move to your new home.

NOTE: Please keep all essential valuables and any important paperwork with you in your car.

Plan Ahead.

When packing for a move you really want to reduce stress levels, so be sure you know what has been left in your new home (ie: curtains, lamps, carpets, etc.).  If these items are acceptable to you, you won’t need to drag along those old curtains or throw rugs that you’ve been meaning to replace.  You may not wish to keep what is in the new house; these items may not fit your style, but why pack and drag your old curtains and lamps over? If you can, deal with the items that are there until you can replace them.

Packing the Van.

Okay, once you have categorised your boxes, can easily pack the van depending on how you wish to store your items for travel, and how you wish to receive them off the van when you arrive. Remember, the boxes that go in first will be the last ones out of the van. To pack the van successfully, you need to consider the items in each box and which items you think you may wish to unpack first.