Man and Van Simply for all Your Courier Service Needs in Manchester

Are you based in Manchester and in need of a courier service that is professional and capable of handling even the most urgent of deliveries? Welcome to Man and Van Simply. We are the Manchester Courier Company fully equipped to deliver all kinds of parcels and packages, intact and within the stipulated time.  

From your first enquiry to receiving your package and moving it on to your intended destination, our process has been streamlined to ensure optimum satisfaction at every turn.  Whether you need to send a package within Manchester or to other parts of the UK, we are up to the task. Do you need to send a package abroad even? We are equally capable of doing so!

What items do you deliver?

We are experienced in the delivery of all kinds of non-hazardous materials. From small envelopes to large boxes, you can count on us. Simply give us a call to get started.

Does your courier service offer same day delivery?

Yes. We offer same day delivery where your goods will be immediately placed in a dedicated vehicle to ensure your item is delivered at your intended address.

How do I make a booking with your courier service?

To make a booking with us, you simply need to provide a delivery and collection address where we’ll come to pick up the package. You’ll need to provide an accurate description of the goods, including the weight and dimensions. This will help us to give you the best possible quote.

How quickly can your courier company collect items within and outside Manchester?

In the Manchester area, we aim to respond to requests within 30 minutes after your booking has been received. If you are based outside of Manchester, we still aim to collect your package within an hour of your booking.

What size of vans do we have available for relocation in Manchester?

In order to satisfy the needs of all our clients, we have a variety of removal vans available. We have larger sized vans that can transport multiple bulky items, safely and smoothly. We also have smaller vans among our fleet that can help you relocate within Manchester or neighbouring areas quickly. With the assistance of our diverse fleet, we can help you relocate everything from your home or office building to a new one in the least amount of time.

Aside from our various van types, we also have experts with the competence to neatly load your properties, as well as transport and deliver them in pristine condition. Our high quality relocation services are why we are constantly sought after in Manchester. Get in touch with us today to become part of our long list of satisfied customers.

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Why should I choose the Man and Van Simply Manchester Courier Service?

We are a customer-centric courier company, experienced in the handling of all kinds of packages. From our courteous front-desk staff to our experienced and qualified delivery drivers, you can be certain of getting value for money.  We are fully insured, so all your packages are protected against damage or loss.  We offer a comprehensive courier service that features the packing of the item to be delivered, collection from your designated pick up point and delivery to the intended destination. We’re also proud of our history as one of the most affordable courier companies in the Manchester area.

What forms of payment are available with our courier service?

We accept payment by cash, cheque and all major credit cards. We also have the option of receiving payments from the collector.

Can I book your courier company in advance?

Yes! We are happy to be pencilled in for any date of your choosing. Get in touch with us to get started on an advanced booking.

Are the items insured?

Yes. We have Goods in Transit insurance for all items. If you require additional insurance for specific high value items, we can also have this arranged.

How will I know when my package has been delivered?

As soon as your package has been delivered, we will send you an email or text message with proof of delivery. We can also send you a copy of the proof of delivery or call you by phone at your request.

Will I be notified of any delays?

Yes. If there are any unexpected delays, we will notify you as soon as possible.

Can your courier company receive packages to be delivered at night or on weekends?

Yes, we operate a round-the-clock service. We understand that emergencies can require the delivery of certain packages as fast as possible and are available round-the-clock for anyone in Manchester and beyond that has a sudden need for a courier service.  

Can you deliver fragile items?

Yes, we deliver fragile goods.  We firstly examine the package to be certain that the item is in the right condition for transportation. If necessary, we can place it in additional packaging for maximum safety. Plastic wrapping generally works, but in our experience, we’ve found cardboard and foam to be better for protecting fragile materials.

Do you collect and deliver eBay items?

Yes, we can deliver items you have purchased on eBay. Simply provide us with the booking details. We can collect all kinds of eBay items including electronics, white goods, gym equipment, furniture, gardening equipment and more.

I don’t understand volumetric weight. Can you describe it?

Volumetric weight (measured in kg) is what postal companies and other freight businesses and courier services around the globe use to work out the space a package will take up in a storage area. This is to ensure efficient use of space. Without volumetric weight analysis, a vehicle can be loaded full with lightweight items, when in fact it should have taken on board more items. To find the volumetric weight for your package, put it in the smallest box possible and then determine its volume in cubic centimetres by calculating length x width x height. Divide the answer by 6000 to get the volumetric weight.

I don’t know what a commercial invoice is. Do I need to provide one?

A commercial invoice is a document that’s required if you’re sending packages outside of the UK. There is no fixed format, but the document should generally include the identity of the parties involved in the transaction, a full description of the item being transported, the country where the items were manufactured, as well as the relevant signatures.  Therefore, you don’t need this if you are not delivering items outside of the UK.