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What You Should Know About Man and Van Simply Rentals

If you’re based in Manchester and would like to rent a courier van or plan a house move, choosing the right service can save you a lot of money. You want a company that’s not only insured, but fully-equipped to ensure your valuable items get to their destination intact and on time.

At Man and Van Simply, we have it all figured out. From relocations to removals and van rental services, our logistics business is designed to help you sort all your transportation and house moving needs at highly competitive rates in Manchester.

Do you offer special removals services?

Yes, we do. When moving, most people are worried about their prized possessions and how to transfer them without their collections being damaged. At Man and Van Simply, we understand what it takes to transport such materials safely across the country.

Our rental vans feature well-padded compartments and are driven by experienced CPC-licensed drivers. We’ll transport your valuable items to their destination in one piece. In addition, all our vans have a tracker installed to monitor them throughout the trip, so you have nothing to worry about.

Is your rental van insured? How safe are my belongings?

We don’t put any vehicles on the road without insuring them first. As a business, we are comprehensively insured to protect our customers’ property. While we guarantee safe transportation and removals, insurance acts as added protection to give you total peace of mind. Should any mishap occur, you will be adequately reimbursed.

Each van is also insured for the contents they carry. Whether you’re moving valuable artefacts or rare art collections, you can trust our fleet of vans, because they are fully insured for your protection.

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How much does it cost for van rentals in Manchester?

The cost of our van rental services usually depends on features such as the type of goods you are transporting, their overall value, weight and overall distance to the destination. The urgency of delivery also determines the pricing.

However, we assure you that our price is fair and one of the most competitive in Manchester. Because we take measures to minimise risk, we can afford to reduce the cost of moving your goods across the country. Unlike most courier services, the same rates apply every day of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays.

Can I get same day delivery for van rentals?

Yes, you can. However, it depends on when you place the order and the distance to your destination. Within Manchester and nearby towns, we provide same day delivery for orders placed before 9am. For other parts of the UK and international requests, Man and Van Simply deliver in two to three business days.

Our services are fast and convenient. You’ll be impressed at the speed and value of service we offer to you and your business clients, so never lose out on a business opportunity again.

Do I have to get my own packaging materials?

No – unless you want to. Man and Van Simply is a comprehensive removal company, which means we have specialist equipment such as trolleys, boxes, masking tapes, bubble wrap and so on. We have everything that’s guaranteed to make removal as easy as possible.

Our service comes with great perks such as free packing and unloading at your destination. We go further than the average removals company. Moving homes can be a drag, so choose a comfortable, stress-free experience with Man and Van Simply.

When is the best time to move homes?

Because of the way our system is set up, we like to think that any day is perfect with Man and Van Simply – even Monday mornings!

Some customers hire our removals services on weekdays. However, if you’re a busy bee, we can make an appointment for the weekend. The price remains the same. Saturday morning is usually a favourite choice of customers. The roads are often less busy, and you’ll have enough time to settle in afterwards. We receive requests for Sundays too, but must people want to be able to relax the day after moving.

What other services can I get with your rental van?

In addition to moving homes and delivering items, you can transport bulky items to our storage facility in Manchester or anywhere across the country. If you’re relocating abroad and need a place to store your furniture whilst in transit, our storage rooms offer a perfect place to do so.

We’re not only safe and secure, but our charges are very affordable too. Our 24-hour CCTV and security patrol service ensure your valuables are well looked after. You can order a Man and Van Simply rental service at short notice and still get great value. Our customers simply love us!

Can I rent your van for office removals?

Sure! Man and Van Simply don’t cater to domestic removals alone. We also work with offices, warehouse removals, online sales delivery and archiving. Our vans are equipped to contain important office items such as web servers, cabinets, 3D printers and more.

We even receive storage requests for businesses in between offices. Since you may not be able to fit all your equipment into the new building immediately, a temporary space can be useful during such a hiatus. Therefore, our affordable rental van and storage option is a good choice for many business owners in Manchester.

Why should I choose Man and Van Simply?

Simply put, we are the sort of removal company you dream of – from our experienced, friendly drivers, to the well-equipped rental vans and great customer service. The only thing you need to do is pick up the phone to call us.

Our insured vans come in various sizes, ready to cater for your moveable items and personal preferences. Each one includes a trolley to make moving items easier. There are also recyclable boxes, masking tape, bubble wrap and more. Man and Van Simply provide speed and convenience unlike any other removal company in Manchester.

We also pride ourselves in the quality of our service and cost-effective rates.