Student Moves Manchester

Man and Van Simply for Student Moves

Moving to or from university marks a significant point in your life, but we all know the stress associated with any kind of move, even for students. While you focus on matriculating or graduating from college, Man and Van Simply takes care of ensuring your stuff gets to where you want it, in prime condition.

Where can I find the best student moving services in Manchester?

Man and Van Simply provides you with removal services that are customised to cater for students. We know that using traditional moving services for a student-sized movement is overkill, which is why we are the perfect size to meet your requirements. Throw in our professionalism, punctuality, a ‘can do’ attitude, as well as affordability and you’ll have found exactly what you need.

Man and Van Simply caters for student removals in the Manchester area and can take your personal belongings anywhere you’d like within the UK. We also offer student removal services to international locations within Europe. If you need to go home after a successful college year, call Man and Van for services that are so budget friendly, they feel just right. So, make the right move with Man and Van Simply.

How much will ‘man with a van’ service cost for a student move?


At Man and Van Simply, we understand the importance of cost when choosing services. Due to the nature of our business, our overhead costs are not too high. We offer better rates to students and often have discounts and promos available to those who need our services. We are also committed to making your relocation as economical as possible.

If you’re a student and in need of small or large scale removal services in the Manchester area, trust Man and Van to deliver on professionalism and price. You’ll be provided with a custom quote to suit your specific moving situation. We charge a fixed rate, so there are no hidden fees and you’ll know exactly how much the move will cost you before you commit. Contact Man and Van Simply to get your quote today.

Need a Man and Van? Prices Start from £30

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When can I get a quote on student movement services?

To get a quote for your student relocation services, simply complete the form on our website. We will get back to you with a quote within the hour. Alternatively, you can call us by phone to speak with our extremely knowledgeable and helpful customer care assistants to help you navigate the ever-complex world of moving houses. Contact Man and Van Simply today.

How do I book a ‘man with a van’ student removal service?

Booking a Man and Van Simply student movement service in any Manchester location is easy. There are many ways you can book a Man and Van Simply removal service for students. You can call us by phone and after we’ve taken the details of your move, we can provide a quote and you can then choose your move date.  

You can simply complete the form on our website or send us an email and we’ll respond to you in good time. At Man and Van Simply, you can cancel your bookings at any time, as we understand the uncertainties that come with making a major relocation move.

Will Man and Van Simply assist with assembling, dismantling and moving furniture?

Yes, we will. All our staff are specially trained and have gained experienced from providing years of moving services to students in large and small-scale operations. We can help you dismantle, assemble and move furniture from your apartment into the van. Just be sure to state what kind of services you’ll be needing and if you’ll need an extra hand to help with furniture movement.

When it comes to packing your furniture, you can trust Man and Van Simply to ensure there’s no damage sustained whilst in transit. Contact us today to speak with our helpful customer service agents and get a free quote for your move within Manchester and across the UK.

How much notice do I need to give before moving day?

The nature of our removal service means that we provide maximum responsiveness. The complexity involved in larger and more traditional moving services mean that a longer period of notice is required to be able to cater to you. While it’s important for you to solidify your booking plans as soon as you decide on a moving date, Man and Van Simply can provide student removal services to people in Manchester and across the UK at short notice.

Will Man and Van Simply provide packing materials for a student removal?

At Man and Van Simply, we take pride in being able to cater to a wide variety of moving needs. Whether small or large scale, all our vans are equipped with moving essentials. So, whether you need boxes, tools or ties, you can trust Man and Van Simply to provide them for you. You will need to mention any special requests whilst booking to enable us to come prepared on your moving day.

Will I need insurance for student removal services?

Whether you’re relocating to another location in the UK or a different home in the Manchester area, Man and van Simply is the perfect size for your needs and offers the right amount of flexibility to help make your move that much easier.

We take pride in being able to deliver your precious belongings in pristine condition. In the unlikely event of an accident involving your furniture, you can relax knowing that our services are insured by the by the right amount of cover. Finishing or starting school is a big deal, but moving house doesn’t have to be. Contact Man and Van Simply for your student relocation needs today.