Things to do before your move to a new house: Your definitive guide

There is no denying the fact that moving to a new house is a very challenging process. With the right guidance however, the whole experience can be much less daunting. This piece takes a look at things you can do before your big move to simplify the process.


  • Communicate with your utilities provider well ahead of time to make any necessary changes in your new address. This is important to avoid being stranded without power or water, a few days after your move.
  • Find packing supplies without spending excessively. Boxes and tapes are usually the most costly; try bypassing the whole fuss by talking to furniture shops or retailers that dispose boxes from time to time. Additionally, you can also check with friends and family, and ask for spare boxes. One thing to be mindful of, is the fact that any used boxes may not be in the best condition, so be prepared to spend some money if need be.
  • Take measurements of your new home to work out if your furniture, wall paper and other design details will fit in as they do in your current home. If they don’t fit, you can mark out some time for adjustments (selling or adjusting old furniture), before the move date.
  • Get help from friends and family. It is very taxing to attempt packing on your own; if ever there was a time to call in some favours, this is it. They may not be ready to devote long hours to helping you pack and move, though, so don’t expect a full, unpaid moving service!
  • Make sure you have appropriate and comfortable clothing and shoes for moving day, itself.
  • Take pictures of complicated setups for easy replication at your new address. From mounting entertainment systems to remembering picture frame arrangements, this is very important.


  • Pack all your personal effects in one place and get every member of the family to do the same.
  • Sort all items properly. Packing room by room is a good idea but it is not always efficient. For instance, this will mean having a box with cushion pillows and electronics from the living room. Packing, after sorting on the other hand, will mean having all the house’s pillows in the same box, and all the electronics in another etc.
  • Start with the kitchen first, seeing as it’s usually the most tiring room to pack. From there, experts suggest that you move onto the living room.

Calling in professional movers

  • Professional movers like Man and Van Simply take on the challenge of moving all your packed items into a van and conveying it to your new place. Professional movers expect everything to be organised by the time they arrive, but are also efficient in packing your furniture and other heavy or delicate properties.
  • They will ensure all your products arrive safely at your new destination and will take responsibility for any damages.
  • The professional movers are flexible and can be part of your packing and moving process from any stage you want. Working with professional movers like Man and Van Simply, may be all you need to remove the hard work from the big move.