Tips for Business Expansion to Larger Premises

Are you experiencing business growth beyond what you can handle at your current location? Perhaps you are in need of more room to manufacture goods or a bigger showroom to handle the number of customers walking through your doors each and every day? If so, it probably is time to expand to larger premises. Here are a few tips to help make the transition a bit smoother.

New Build or Renovation?

Here is one of the big questions many businesses encounter when seeking to expand to larger premises. Do they want to have a whole new building constructed from the ground up, or can they make do with renovating a building they believe will be suitable? This is something only you can answer, but it may help to consult with general contractors like Corporate Contractors (CCI) in the Midwest. It might be possible to totally gut a building in order to accommodate your type of industry, and then again, it may be more cost-effective to build a new construction. You always have choices, so keep that in mind.

The Moving Process

Here’s something else many small businesses don’t take into account. The process of moving will not happen overnight. You need to decide how best to keep your business going while moving to new and larger quarters. The one thing which must be said is that this probably won’t happen overnight. It is imperative that you begin informing literally everyone involved in your business that you will be moving to a new location. From the lowest paid hourly employee to your biggest corporate client, it is vital that you give everyone ample ‘warning’ that you will no longer be found at this location after some future date. Allow yourself plenty of time to get the moving done. Whether it is office equipment, manufacturing machinery or anything in between, it will take time to move and set up in a new location, so plan well for this stage of expansion.

Dealing with Delays

In business, there will always be delays of some kind or other. Sometimes it’s due to orders not arriving timely and other times it’s a matter of inspections being held up. When building a new location, those delays are inevitable. Therefore, it is always advisable that you set your moving date out beyond the planned construction date. This prevents confusion. Instead of customers or clients already looking for you at your new location, they will still be coming through your doors. If you find that you can’t move by the time you had projected, it pays to get the word out early. Use every means at your disposal, but it’s better to get the word out than suffer an unhappy client!

There really is much to consider when expanding your business to a larger building, but if planned well enough in advance, and by allowing time for those expected delays, it can be a smooth process. Remember, it takes planning to get anything done, so keep that in mind and always expect the unexpected. That way, nothing can take you by surprise, and you’ll be ready for that grand opening when it arrives.