man and van removals

How to avoid those hidden costs of hiring a Van

Amidst the stress of moving house (or moving anything) we understand how much budgeting, research and careful detailing it takes to plan your move. We’re here to save you the frustration that many people encounter simply by opting for the lowest quotation they can find and landing themselves in hidden costs later on. With out ultimate checklist however, we’ll ensure you don’t go wrong!

Will you encounter toll charges?

If you’re moving to London for instance, you’ll have to look ahead to see if your planned route will include a congestion charge. Or, if you’re moving further afield, check for toll roads and investigate into whether the company has planned that into the cost, or are they avoiding the toll road?

‘Goods in transit’ and liability insurance:

It’s vital that you check whether the company your using provides free ‘goods in transit’ and liability cover for your possessions or whether you have to insure your own belongings. Careful that you don’t end up being charged insurance on top of the quote you originally agreed to.

Have they included fuel costs?

Usually, companies will have included this fuel cost into their quote but in some instances, you’ll be charged a price per mile on top of the originally quoted rate.