Our short guide to office moves


If there’s anything marginally more stressful than moving house, it’s packing up where you work and relocating. A daunting prospect for many but here at Man and Van simply, we’ve got just the tips and tricks to make your office move go by as seamlessly as possible. If you require extra advice, you can always contact us where a member of staff will be more than happy to help you.

The most important tip when packing up a home office is sorting your supplies into what is essential and non essential. Consider how much you use your printer. Box it up with some paper so it’s close to hand if you suddenly need it. Parts of your computer, speakers, extra hard-drives and USBs could easily go in a box or more non essential items than your desktop itself which needs to be easily accessible.

Work out what needs replacing

This is also the perfect opportunity to work out what needs to be replaced and what you don’t really need. Anything from empty ink cartridges you need to refill or old documents that need to be filed effectively. It will make unpacking at the other end a much easier job if everything is filed and categorized logically. You don’t want to empty a box full of miscellaneous papers into your new office only for them to sit there until you next move and never get sorted properly.

You’ll also need to think through how to set up a temporary, make-shift work station so you don’t have to put everything on hold whilst the move is taking place. Can you plan it so your internet connection stays until the hour before the big move or are you going to have a couple of days in the dark ages. And when you reach the new house, you’ll have to plan ahead according to how efficiently you can have everything up and running again.

Make effective decisions

Shipping issues could easily catch you out. If your work requires you regularly picking up or delivering items, you’ll need to make arrangements for how these will still get to you.

Through the unavoidable, hectic haze of moving house is always a glimmering light at the end of the tunnel. Rushed, panic make-shift decisions that you thought would only be temporary can quite easily turn into new effective ways of doing things. You just have to use your imagination!