Moving House? Don’t Forget these Final Checks!

“A lot of people spend a significant part of their adult life moving homes, probably due to a new job, promotion, or family relocation.” says Property Cash Buyers expert, John Simmons. However, in our years of helping people move, we have observed them make the same mistakes over again. It is not surprising though, moving […]


Stay safe when lifting heavy objects

Moving heavy items is dangerous work. It’s vital that you take all the necessary precautions into consideration in order to keep yourself, others, and your possessions safe. Injuries occur most often due to bad lifting techniques. Follow our guide to ensure you don’t go into your move blind: Durable plastic sheeting is your friend. Place […]


Our short guide to office moves

  If there’s anything marginally more stressful than moving house, it’s packing up where you work and relocating. A daunting prospect for many but here at Man and Van simply, we’ve got just the tips and tricks to make your office move go by as seamlessly as possible. If you require extra advice, you can […]


Step by step guide helping you clean your home before the big move

When you’ve hauled the last box out of your home and into the back of the van on moving day, and all you want is an ice cold beer and a nice takeaway, we can guarantee that cleaning will not be on the front of your mind. We’ve made a guide that will condense the […]


5 top security updates you must make to your new property

  As people who move customers in and out of homes on a regular basis, we understand how unnerving it is first arriving at your new home. Security should be at the front of your mind and it’s not a bad idea to make a few upgrades just to makes sure you feel as secure […]

Preparing to move – the master guide! Part Two: Getting Moving

In Part 1 of ‘Preparing to move – the master guide’ we looked at the top five steps to take in the week before you actually begin your move (exciting!). Part 2 of this guide focuses on the night before the move, those final checks that need doing and a few last minute considerations to […]

Top 6 Packing Tips For Moving House

Packing for a house move can be a nightmare.  You stand there, looking at the task of packing all your things, and feel overwhelmed. Here are some house moving tips to make packing easier. The Preliminaries. Before you pack a box and move a single item you need to think carefully about what is important. […]

Moving House in Manchester: Know Your ‘Essentials’ With These Easy Steps

Moving house is a huge stressor, but it’s also an art form. Most adult have more than one house move under their belts, some with many more, and many find with each subsequent move they become better at packing, at labelling, at orchestrating the entire ordeal. One thing you might not have learned yet is […]

Moving House in Manchester? Here are Three Tips for Getting Your Deposit Back.

Few things are as exciting (or should we say, terrifying?) as buying your very first home. Once you’ve got your mortgage in place and the sale has been agreed, it will be time to finally begin packing up your belongings and saying goodbye to your rental property as you embark on your new journey as […]

Five Steps to a Stress-Free Move, Part Two

In a previous post, we explored the first two ways to make an impending move as smooth and stress-less as possible. If we have the opportunity to plan our organizing/wrapping/packing over several days (or weeks), and if we throw away or donate the items for which we no longer have any logical use, we are […]