Moving House? Don’t Forget these Final Checks!

“A lot of people spend a significant part of their adult life moving homes, probably due to a new job, promotion, or family relocation.” says Property Cash Buyers expert, John Simmons. However, in our years of helping people move, we have observed them make the same mistakes over again. It is not surprising though, moving can be a chaotic event, especially if you don’t make adequate preparations beforehand.

It doesn’t have to be chaotic. In this post, we have identified common activities most people forget to carry out, and how you can avoid making these same mistakes.

Items from the Drycleaners, Tailors, Repair Shops

Before you slam pack your personal belongings and say goodbye, make sure you collect your clothes from the drycleaners. People have left expensive suits only to remember after they have moved hundreds of kilometres.

If you have crafts-persons repairing personal items such as shoes or bags, don’t forget to retrieve them or you will be left with regrets – especially if you are moving to a new state entirely. Is your tailor making any clothes for you? Consider listing these items and their due dates to help you plan your move properly.

Personal Records

Collecting your personal records is something you should probably do about 2 months before your move. This is because some items may take time and due process to effect. Records include family health records from your GP and veterinarian files. You might also want to collect copies of your prescriptions or a list from your pharmacist. If you use spectacles, have a record of your eye prescription handy.

Some pharmacies and medical centres do transfer records to your new GP. Arrange this transfer before you move. It may contain an authorised letter to your present physician stating your permission to transfer. Confirm this before moving

Spare Keys and Hidden Valuables

Many people keep a spare key with their neighbour or carefully stashed away somewhere, according to Matthew of KC Worthing Locksmiths, obvious hiding places include: under the mat, beneath a rock in their garden or the fish pond? Wherever your hideaway is, remember to take out your spare keys for the new occupants. Some people may hire locksmiths to change the locks, but it is right to do a proper hand-over.

Besides keys, there are other valuables you may have kept away, do a sweep of your home before handing the keys over. There are cases of tenants who discovered cash left behind by previous occupants. Not everybody will be willing to turn them in, so be thorough.

Library Books, Gym Memberships, Club fees

Don’t forget to return those library books and inform your local library about your move, so they can cancel your card. Note, if your card is still active, someone can use them to borrow books without you consent and you will be liable.

Check your gym memberships too, clubhouses and other facilities to avoid this situation. Some fitness clubs have a money-back options or credit for unused portions. Otherwise, see if they have a branch in your new location and have them transfer your membership there.