Stay safe when lifting heavy objects

Moving heavy items is dangerous work. It’s vital that you take all the necessary precautions into consideration in order to keep yourself, others, and your possessions safe. Injuries occur most often due to bad lifting techniques. Follow our guide to ensure you don’t go into your move blind:

Durable plastic sheeting is your friend. Place it under heavy items for an excellent dragging mechanism with minimal friction. Plastic sheeting on a carpet can make your work load lighter.

Position your back safely

Furthermore, bend your back properly to lift heavy weight to ensure you don’t permanently damage yourself. Damage to your back can happen instantaneously and the healing process is long so acquaint yourself with these moving tips to avoid torso injury. Lift from the knees and wear firm, waterproof boots with hard tops. Not only is slipping over a dangerous reality of moving but broken feet are a very common injury during a this process when something accidentally gets dropped. A broken food can immediately ruin your plans.

Always wear appropriate clothing that’s going to keep you protected and avoid bare skin. Small scare injuries such as cuts, bruises and scratches can easily be avoided by wearing sturdy clothes. We recommend a pair of leather gloves to give you all the grip and strength you’ll need. If you’re moving lots of freight, it can quickly take it’s toll on your hands if they’re left unprotected, never take them for granted.

Always communicate

It’s good to familiarize yourself with some signals and commands for moving and working in heavy lifting situations. Whatever you decide, make sure communication with those you’re working with is always clear.

Remember to keep children and animals away from the moving area as these can quickly become dangerous for you and them. Explain to children that dangerous work is happening and why they can’t staying the vicinity. Keep dogs on leads and taken any other precautionary measures to make sure pets don’t come into harms way.

Finally, having the right tools can make the process a hundred times easier. Here at Man and Van Simply, we will supply you with everything you need to make the job as easy as possible and we’ll even help you with the manual labour. Contact us today and we’ll provide you with a free quote and all the advice you could possibly ask for to help make your move easier.