4 moving mistakes we’ll help you avoid

It doesn’t have to be your first time move for mistakes to happen. Things are never going to go according to plan and it will be a stressful time but here at Man Van Simply we’re experts at moving and reducing that stress vein in peoples foreheads.

We understand that inevitable as mistakes are, you’re never going to welcome them with a giant warm embrace. But some are more serious and avoidable than others so we’ve come up with the perfect solution to calm your moving woes!

I packed everything

We promise you won’t need that half broken chair and pile of old newspapers in your new home. Instead of boxing up everything, take it as an opportunity to cut down your clutter and release yourself from the junk you really will never need again. Your new home will thank you for it, so what are you waiting for? Make eBay and the new local charity shop your new best friend!

I didn’t check the meter readings

They might just seem like meaningless numbers that hide under the sink not really serving any purpose but they could become very costly, a few months down the line! Take a note of what they are, take a photo, write them down and keep them safe. Contact the utility companies to inform them of your move to ensure that once you’ve left, the only house your going to be enjoying paying bills on is your own!

I ignored the inventory

No one forgets the things they’re thinking about, they forget the things they’re not thinking about! How are you supposed to know if everything has made it to your property in one piece without and inventory. Check it, check it again, then when you’ve memorized it backwards, check it again. Only then will you achieve true enlightened, moving-house piece of mind.

I tried to take on everything single handedly!

We won’t scare you with the horror stories we’ve encountered that show the true lengths some movers go to to save money. Saving money is not worth losing your sanity. Don’t just hire a van, hire the man as well and you’ll find yourself equipped with your very own expert and heavy lifter. Here at Man and Van Simply we have flexible hours and even flexible rates!