Father Christmas is the planet’s number one removals man!

Father Christmas is the planet’s number one removals man!

Working in the removals industry we take on some difficult jobs. We know we’re good at what we do but there is one man who we know we can’t beat. Father Christmas moves more items in one night than we shift in a year. Imagine the USPs he brings to the table:

  • One size van to ensure your move goes smoothly (sleigh actually) and it can carry any size items – he can shift anything!
  • Vehicle is environmentally friendly and leaves absolutely zero carbon footprint. Sure he might leave sooty footprints by the fireplace…
  • Expert in safely transporting valuable and oversized items through tight spaces.
  • He can deliver to any number of floors in your building and his only requirement is unobstructed chimney access.
  • Despite lacking a GPS he has yet to ever get lost (who knows maybe he does have a GPS after all – could the elves have invented one for him?)
  • Offers the most streamlined removals service in existence. Can cover distances no other removals man with a van can match.
  • Long distances covered with east – he goes anywhere on the planet in less than 24 hours.
  • Night time removals expert!
  • Transparent pricing plan – Father Christmas demands only one glass of sherry, half a mince pie and half a carrot for his reindeer.
  • Available for removals 364 days a year. Christmas day reserved for prior commitments.

Terms and conditions of Santa man and van removals service

  1. Only available to girls and boys who have been especially good this year. Father Christmas reserves the right to transform your possessions into a lump of coal if he discovers you have told porky pies!
  2. In some circumstances your property may end up being delivered to our workshop in the North Pole by accident. Be sure if this occurs we will ensure our top elves fix it.

We are pleased to announce that we can arrange for Santa to get in touch. If he’s busy we would be happy to undertake the work ourselves as we too are experts in removals. We do insist on a mince pie and a glass of sherry to be left out on moving day…