Preparing to move – the master guide! Part One: Planning

Moving day is simultaneously one of the most exciting days of your life as well as one of the most stressful (2nd only to your wedding day!) The dreams of a new home, the beginning of a new chapter in life are right at your fingertips but first you have to go through the painful experience of moving.

Preparing to move – the master guide!

  1. Communication is king

Make sure you have an easy channel of communication with your conveyancing solicitor and estate agent, and that they are fully aware of which day is completion day.  If you have any issues or concerns then let them know, after all they’re working for you and should be providing a support network to ensure you have a trouble-free transaction.

  1. Same day exchange and completion

It may be best to try and avoid same day exchange and completion. Problems can arise if you are part of a long chain of buyers and sellers who are all looking to exchange on the same day. It only takes one person to mess up and then the whole chain can become stalled. Try and allow a week between exchange and completion to make sure any disruptions are kept to a minimum by providing a healthy buffer zone.

  1. Make sure the necessary funds are available

Make sure that your conveyancing solicitor has all the funds he needs from you so that he can close on completion day. Remember to leave yourself a small pot to dip into to cover the cost of changing locks that can be installed by Prime Alert Locksmiths London, minor fixes to the house and to cover any miscellaneous fees and service charges.

  1. Professional moving company – don’t leave home without one

This is where Man and Van Simply come in. Making sure you have a professional removals team like ourselves on hand is the biggest stress reliever you can have on the day. We will make sure that everything is out of your home and makes it safely to your new property. We will take care of your precious possessions and endeavour to make things as easy on you as possible.

  1. Pack up your possessions well beforehand

At Man and Van Simply we can also help with the packing of your precious belongings. It may not sound like rocket science but packing things efficiently, securely and carefully is actually an art form. If you wish us to pack your house then let us know beforehand and we can ensure its complete well in advance of the important day. If you decide you want to do this stage of the move on your own then make sure you purchase proper moving boxes and secure these with tape or ties. Any breakables should be encased in bubble wrap, or old clothes or curtains. Make sure you label any boxes because this prevents chaos during unpacking and can help you keep track of everything during the move. It can help to add the names of the rooms you wish the boxes to be left in so that when you get to your new property you don’t spend hours trying to locate items.

Continued in Part Two: Getting Moving and Part Three: Moving Time (out January 2015 and February 2015)