How to Deal With Hoarding in Manchester – Removals and Other Services

Are you looking for a Manchester removal company to help with a loved one suffering from hoarding? Compulsive hoarding is a mental illness involving the excessive acquisition of items, even if those items or objects hold no worth or present a hazard. Hoarding not only affects the hoarder, but also family and friends; oftentimes help for hoarders only comes once the problem reaches dire circumstances, as many hoarders will hide the behaviour for fear of embarrassment or intervention.

Hoarding takes over a person’s life and living quarters, usually through the build-up of trash and other useless items the hoarder has collected. Unfortunately, this can often either include or hide potential health risks, such as rotting food or other organic matter, human or animal faeces, and more. Even non-hazardous items such as books, newspapers, and boxes pose a threat to the hoarder and their loved ones when stacked in large quantities.

Removal Services Manchester – A Helping Hand

If someone you know who suffers as a hoarder is ready to get help and begin clearing their home, house clearance and removal services in Manchester are just one of the many services offered by Man and Van Simply.
Why you should hire a professional Manchester removal company to clear out a house after hoarding:

  •  Safety – The number one issue in any hoarding situation is safety. Stacks of potentially heavy objects, rot or damage to the structural integrity of the house, and biohazards such as food rot and faeces are all very real possibilities. Man and Van Simply performs removals in Manchester with years of experience and an entire team of experts at our disposal.
  •  Easier on those involved – If it has recently come to light that someone close to you is a compulsive hoarder, it can be difficult to come to terms with what that means. In many cases, the family would rather hire a removal company in Manchester to clear the home out, rather than have to sift through the detritus themselves.
  • The volume of waste is often too much – It can take a professional removal company in Manchester days to completely clear a property that has succumbed to hoarding, and that’s with a team of expert who does this for a living! Hoarding is just that: hoarding. As such the volume of items and garbage is often too much for just two or three people to clear out in any reasonable timeframe. Man and Van Simply uses our full team when dealing with a hoarding situation, and our years of experience in the field help make the job as quick and easy as possible.

Man and Van Simply For All of Your Manchester Removal Services

Man and Van Simply Manchester is a leading removals company serving the greater Manchester area. Our years of expertise and team of trained professionals allow us to be one of the fastest, safest, and most proficient removal services in Manchester. If someone you know has recently sought help for their hoarding, don’t get left picking up the pieces… call Man and Van Simply for a discreet, professional Manchester removal service on 0800 8620 347 today!

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