Hire a Manchester Removals Service and Take the Hassle Out of Moving Day!

As far as stressful life events go, moving house can be one of the biggest hassles: finding a new home, putting an offer in, signing the paperwork, receiving the keys… and you’ve not even started to pack yet! Man and Van Simply is one of the most professional and efficient Manchester removals company, and we are always looking for ways to help make moving day go as smoothly as possible.

Man and Van Simply provide a moving and removals service in Manchester. We employ a professional, courteous staff of experienced movers, and all of our men and vans are fully insured. Our Manchester removals team will always be on time and ready to work any time of day, any day of the week and always for the most competitive prices in town.

In an effort to continue making moving day as easy as possible, we’ve compiled a list of five things that are commonly overlooked (and hence, left behind, lost, or forgotten) when it comes time to move, so you can be sure not to forget these yourself!

Manchester Removals Advice – Top Five Things Left Behind on Moving Day

1. Hidden Items. Does your home have an attic, crawlspace, basement, or under-eave storage? While it may seem like an obvious suggestion, those boxes of Christmas decorations under the eaves or your box of keepsakes at the very back of the closet are some of the most common items left behind and forgotten when moving house.

2. Loans. If you can’t seem to find your drill prior to moving day, chances are it may be with one of the neighbours. Items out on loan to neighbours are often not thought of in the race to get everything sorted for moving day.

3. Your mail. Don’t forget to let Royal Mail know you’re moving! Oftentimes, many people will sort out address changes with their bank, dentist office, etc. and forget to contact the Post Office to arrange mail forwarding.

4. Records and other important papers. You go through the trouble of keeping these organised and in a safe place year round, do not forget them on moving day! School and health records, birth certificates, passports, and more are easily lost during the moving process, so box up all of your important documents together.

5. The holes in the walls. Uh oh, forget something, Chief? That’s right: you left holes in the walls from where your pictures hung. This is an easily overlooked moving chore that could affect your security deposit or your house sale, and it’s always a good idea to clean up the holes in the walls and any other messes before you leave.


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