Five Moving Day Tips From Your Manchester Removals Company, Man and Van Simply!

As we all know, moving homes can be both stressful and time consuming, with everything culminating on the big moving day where everything has to go right. Between remembering dozens of tasks before you, to getting all of your earthly possessions wrapped and packed safely, moving day can be a real pain in the neck (not to mention back!). Hiring a professional Manchester removals service can make all the difference, and we at Man and Van Simply employ only the best in the business.

Man and Van Simply is a premier removals service in Manchester. Our team of moving men are courteous and professional, always on time, and fully insured. If you find yourself between homes and need storage for your goods, Man and Van Simply also provides storage and logistic solutions to meet your needs.

We always want to make sure your moving day goes as smoothly as possible, so we’ve compiled the following list of five great tips for making the day you move home as easy as possible!

Manchester Removals Advice: Five Tips to Make Moving Day Easier

1. Pack what you can ahead of time. It may seem obvious, but don’t leave all of your packing for the day before the move! Items such as your off-season clothing, stored holiday décor, and knick-knacks around the house are all examples of things that you can save yourself time on by packing them up ahead of time.

2. Luggage is invaluable. You know all of those standard issue rolling luggage pieces you only use for holidays? Dig them out! Rolling suitcases are a fantastic means of packing and moving heavier items such as books and dishes.

3. Colour code your rooms. Mark all of your boxes with coloured stickers or post-it notes, such as yellow for bedroom items and blue for bathroom, for easy reference when moving the boxes into your new home. You will thank yourself when you begin to unpack!

4. Make sure you’re stocked up. Moving house requires what seems like a metric tonne of boxes, bubble wrap, and tape. And you know what? It does. You are going to need more boxes than you think, more tape than you’ve already bought, and now that you’ve read tip 3, you know you now need colour coded stickers as well! It’s better to have more boxes than you need than to be making runs to Staples the evening before the move.

5. Remember your valuables. Make sure you check with your homeowner’s insurance and the mover’s additional insurance to insure you are fully covered and ask to see the paperwork you would need should you need to file a claim for loss. If you can, pack these items into something brightly coloured and easily kept track of, and take it with you if you have room in your car.

Man and Van Simply for all of your Manchester removal needs!

If you need a helping hand (or two!) on moving day, Man and Van Simply’s team of professional movers can help you the entire way, from packing your belongings to moving them across country. Give us a call today on 0800 8620 347 for a free quote on your moving day needs!

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