Things to do before your move to a new house: Your definitive guide

There is no denying the fact that moving to a new house is a very challenging process. With the right guidance however, the whole experience can be much less daunting. This piece takes a look at things you can do before your big move to simplify the process. Preparation Communicate with your utilities provider well […]


Moving home in Manchester? Important Box Packing Tips

Moving to a new home can be a lot of work – agreed? One thing that is more tedious than moving furniture and boxes, is actually “packing” the boxes. Packing boxes can be a bit of a hassle, but if not done properly, it can cause unwanted damage to your stuff such as crushing smaller […]

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Removals services: What you need to know

Moving into a new home or office can be quite challenging. You will have little time to think and make important decisions, such as the removal service company to work with. To help you simplify the process, this piece takes a look at some of the things you should expect from a good removals service […]

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Items Most Commonly Damaged While Moving: Part II

In our last post at Man and Van Simply removals Manchester, we discussed two types of items that are commonly damaged during moves, glassware and artwork. In this post, we’ll talk about items that aren’t always considered to be fragile, but which are frequently broken in transit and require extra care while packing and moving. […]

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Items Most Commonly Damaged While Moving: Part I

At Man and Van Simply Removals Manchester, we’ve helped move hundreds of people into their new homes. Moves are exciting but stressful, and they can be made worse by making easily preventable mistakes that we’ve seen time and time again. In this series of blog posts, we decided to put together a list of items that are commonly damaged […]


Stay safe when lifting heavy objects

Moving heavy items is dangerous work. It’s vital that you take all the necessary precautions into consideration in order to keep yourself, others, and your possessions safe. Injuries occur most often due to bad lifting techniques. Follow our guide to ensure you don’t go into your move blind: Durable plastic sheeting is your friend. Place […]

4 moving mistakes we’ll help you avoid

It doesn’t have to be your first time move for mistakes to happen. Things are never going to go according to plan and it will be a stressful time but here at Man Van Simply we’re experts at moving and reducing that stress vein in peoples foreheads. We understand that inevitable as mistakes are, you’re […]


Our short guide to office moves

  If there’s anything marginally more stressful than moving house, it’s packing up where you work and relocating. A daunting prospect for many but here at Man and Van simply, we’ve got just the tips and tricks to make your office move go by as seamlessly as possible. If you require extra advice, you can […]

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How to avoid those hidden costs of hiring a Van

Amidst the stress of moving house (or moving anything) we understand how much budgeting, research and careful detailing it takes to plan your move. We’re here to save you the frustration that many people encounter simply by opting for the lowest quotation they can find and landing themselves in hidden costs later on. With out […]


Step by step guide helping you clean your home before the big move

When you’ve hauled the last box out of your home and into the back of the van on moving day, and all you want is an ice cold beer and a nice takeaway, we can guarantee that cleaning will not be on the front of your mind. We’ve made a guide that will condense the […]